2019 Track standards to make the team.

  • Tryout Standards 2019.pdf
  • Posted by coach ken on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

    Pioneer League Finals results
  • Finals Results 2018.pdf
    BFS 4x100 (Genta Ueno, Noboru Myers, Matt Ritchey, Xerxes Reamer)
    GFS 4x100 (Deborah Kim, Janice Yu, Gloria Lee, Yamila Marcu)
    BV 4x100 (Niko Decastro, Tristan Tuazon, Masaru Nagano, Turner Fernandez)
    Rory Abberton - BV 1600
    Lucy Hayward - GFS 400
    Xerxes Reamer - BFS 100
    Yamila Marcu - GFS 100
    Turner Fernandez - BV 100
    Jerry Gonzalez - BFS 800
    Caleb Terrill - BV 800
    Deborah Kim - GFS 200
    Ike Tamanaha - BV 3200
    GFS 4x400 (Belen Quirk, Gloria Lee, Deborah Kim, Lucy Hayward)
    Jamie Tomita - GFS High Jump
    Ichiroh Rodriguez - BFS High Jump
    Katie Yang - GFS Long Jump

    Posted by Coach Ken on Friday, May 4, 2018

    Pioneer League Finals

  • Finals Meet Program.pdf

  • West entries 2018.pdf
  • Posted by coach ken on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

    Pioneer League Prelims results
  • Prelims results 18.pdf
    Nolan Gallagher - BFS 3200
    Makena Young - GFS 3200
    Kyten Arthur - BV Pole Vault (qualified for CIF)
    Shea Wissler - BV Triple Jump (qualified for CIF)

    Cameron Hutton - GV High Jump - 3rd Place (qualified for CIF)
    Shea Wissler - BV High Jump - 2nd Place (qualified for CIF)
    Adaobi Anyaoha - GV Long Jump - 3rd place (qualified for CIF)
    Haley Jones - GV Discus - 3rd Place (qualified for CIF)
    Haley Jones - GV Shot Put - 2nd Place (qualified for CIF)
    Kirra Hernando - GV Triple Jump - 2rd Place
    Traci Kozawa - GV Triple Jump - 3rd Place

    Posted by Coach Ken on Friday, April 27, 2018

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